Fabulous Ski Lessons – all ages welcome: “Nervous Ladies”

Fabulous Ski Private Lessons nervous ladiesOlder or Nervous Ladies: That’s when the ski instructor’s experience comes in handy.  Understanding the psychological feeling of the students is very important and crucial for the success of a ski lesson. Older or nervous ladies are constantly fighting with the “Willing to try skiing” and the worrying about “What if I break a leg”? Well, first of all, breaking a leg is not that easy, although it can happen while sliding on a wet kitchen floor or walking to the Post Office. Skiing isn’t any more dangerous than cycling, so with that in mind, please try not to immediately associate skiing with injuries. We could give 1000’s of examples….how many car accidents in a day, but you drive your car without thinking of hurting youself, so…?  If you recognise yourself in the above description, it is fundamental that you start skiing with a ski instructor that, with patience and professionalism, will have you acquiring the right confidence.

Fabulous Ski Private Lessons Nervous LadiesIt is also very important that you ski only with professionals until they tell you that you can practice on your own, and most importantly where you can practice. So many times we do a very good lesson, the students getting confident and learning the technique well, but then having them come back the following day in tears, because they went skiing with family or friends in the afternoon, and they took them to slopes too difficult to manage.  Sometimes, because of that, they give up skiing, which is a pity, or they hurt themselves, which is even worse. Skiing is an activity that needs to be learnt step by step, avoiding to pick up so called, bad habits. That doesn’t mean that it’ll take ages to learn, but that you won’t miss any important steps that will be very useful in your future skiing. Every person is different, some learn quicker, others take a little longer, but they all get there and enjoy it in the end, as long as they practice and follow the instructions. So welcome to all you older or nervous ladies and give skiing a go as it’s Fabulous!