Snow: One of the best starts of a ski season – fabulousSki

Early Snow Ski SeasonThis is one of the best starts amongst the recent ski seasons, with the snow arriving early and still falling all over the Alps! Remembering last year when at the 15th of December there wasn’t a hint of any snow, and was even difficult to produce some artificially, as the temperatures were too high.  This year it’s a completely different story.  Resorts connected to glaciers have had the chance to expand their skiing area by opening lifts in the lower parts, and others opened at the very beginning and first weekend of December. This makes a very big impact on the public and to all of us who are passionate about skiing, with everyone getting excited, thinking and planning ahead for their ski holidays or ski trips. What we can do here on our websites and with the power of social networks, is to pass on the important message in being careful and to take it easy tduring his first period. The first snow can be unstable, wind blown and the avalanche danger very high.                                                                            Please be Powder snow fabulousski patient, listen and follow snow reports, weather conditions ahead, and avalanche risk reports of the day prior to going skiing. It is very sad to hear about early season accidents, sometimes due to over excitement.  Try to avoid initial danger spots like couloirs (corridors) etc. and get back to skiing gradually and safely.

We hope to see you skiing and having fun on the snow soon, and to avoid any early disappointment make sure you book soon.  Happy Skiing!!!!

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