How Not To Drop Your iPhone From The Chairlift ..Get A Leash!

Wantalis iPhone LeasjSo many phones and particularly the iPhone gets lost every day by skiers or snowboarder from the chairlifts.
That happens very often because, as you are on the chairlift and you receive a phone call, a text message or you want to take a picture with your phone, the moment you extract it from your pocket, or the chairlift swings a bit, and that’s it your phone is gone.
We have recently found this fantastic accessory that came out this year, and we’d like to share it with you friends and followers of Fabulous Ski.
It is a leash that can be attached to your jacket pocket, or around your neck, and connects solidly the iPhone through the charging plug. It slots in as your iPhone charger plug does, but then to remove it, you have to press two release buttons on the side of it.
Have a look at the video below we made of it and, if you are an iPhone owner, we recommend you get yourself one of these Wantalis iPhone Leash, prior to hit the slopes!

Leash on iPhone ® is the first security system designed to secure your iPhone ® if you escape your hands. locking system / anchor designed for all generations of iPhone, click fix, click to release.
N obstruction or its operation or use with most covers and cases. Leash Belt Clip:
Attaches easily to any belt loop, pocket or backpack.
Retractable cable which runs according to your needs by simple traction (max. 62 cm).
Makes calls without removing iPhone ®
Is automatically re-wraps.
Tower Leash Neck:
Immediate and permanent access.
Anti throttle.
Safety loop to temporarily release the iPhone ® Leash.