Dryland Training

Our dryland training program is specific for skiing, and held from September to the end of November at Box Hill and other parks in Surrey UK.

We organise other outdoor activity programs all over the summer months in the UK  to develop the strenght, coordination and balance required in skiing, as well as training camps on and off snow.

Sessions are 1hr 30 minutes which includes a warm-up at the beginning and a cool down at the end.

Our kids groups are divided by age:  8-9    10-12    13-14 After school or Saturday mornings Youth/Adults groups divided by age and fitness level:  1 (basic) – 2 (Medium) – 3 (High) Contact to organise session times What to wear: Comfortable clothes for running and exercising, for example: trainers – track suit or shorts and T-shirt etc.

Who can attend:  – anyone who is a skier/ski racer – has an interest in skiing or learning to ski in the future – wants to improve his/her fitness level

dryland_training @fabulousSki

Dryland Training Summer France

Kids Dryland Training

Private Personal Coaching sessions can be organised.For availability and bookings:

Contact us


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